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A tenure-track professor in NYC

Randall F. Clemens

Nearly three years ago, Bill and I began When we started, Bill wanted me to focus on my experiences as a Ph.D. student. How does a student make sense of the first year? What is it like to attend a conference for the first time? How does a student manage his time? 

When I answered those questions, I moved on to new questions. What are my research interests, and what are the linkages between research, practice, and policy? Since then, the blog has been a forum where I have explored issues such as neighborhood-based reforms, innovative qualitative methods, and the relationship between qualitative research and public policy. 

I am now at the end of my time as a Ph.D. student. In a few days, I will defend my dissertation. Afterwards, while my wife studies for and takes the New York State Bar, our dog and I will pack up our apartment and look for a place to stay in New York City. In September, I will begin as Assistant Professor of Administrative and Instructional Leadership at St. John’s University. 

In the fall, my blogs will return to a familiar motif: What does it mean to be new at something? In my case, what does it mean to be an assistant professor in the city that never sleeps? What is the tenure process like? What is the relationship between research, teaching, and service? How important are grants? How does an assistant professor balance the myriad demands and uphold the fundamental principles of a changing profession? And, on and on and on and on…

This is a time of exciting change. As a researcher who studies neighborhood-based reforms, I am moving to the center of the universe. As an east coaster at heart, I cannot wait for four seasons and good pizza.

Have a great summer, and stay tuned.